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Zoltrix Kish Company may be called the father of connection to novel world of IT in Iran. Founded 12 years ago, this company is at production and distribution of computer equipments in Iran. It is still active in producing Modem. Zoltrix Kish has gone a long way in which inexperienced users on one hand and unlimited problems in hardware market on the other hand were deeply troublesome.

But this company is still working and now after 12 years of continuous activity is trying to promote the quality of connection of Iranian users to world net. Zoltrix started up its work many years ago when Internet in Iran was limited to the capital. In those days when the platform of today IT giants was gradually founding, this company tried to produce only modem.


Managing Director said:
'We try to be on climax and to this end, we always to test our produce before supplying them because if one of our products lack necessary quality, people would lose their trust in us.'

At first, Zoltrix Kish was known as Computer Jazire. In the past, Rockwell Faxmodems can establish themselves as a good produce in Iran market. In addition to this service, it also presented some voice cards named Aiza as well as memories with high quality. Management were not only active in selling components but they could change hardware market of Iran and create new cultures in sell and service, the culture which IT giants took many advantages of them. But the profit these management took from IT was less than they had invested in.

Pointing to the obstacles this company faced in the past, managing director said, in those days there was not anything like guarantee and the purchaser had only 24 hours time to test their newly bought goods but gradually we took up guarantee in Iran and commit ourselves to it. Meanwhile, components were transported with high risks and they were susceptible to damages while installing.

He further said: Iranian are great man and highly civilized so they expect to use high quality goods. Though providing them with high quality goods costs us very much but if we didn’t do our commitments, they would lose much more and Iran market wouldn’t progress at all.

Among other thing, Zoltrix Company brought into hardware market is registration of industrial ownership. This move in those days in which forged goods was prevailing in the market saved many traders from bankruptcy. Referring to the efficiency of current laws to sue unusual goods in the market, CEO of Zoltrix said: 'In the past, the quality of any goods was known by the name of a person or a supporting company.'

In such situation, potentiality of cheating was very high and suing was not easy. There were many traders who lost very much because they didn’t have any knowledge of registering industrial ownership.

Unfortunately even today there are many people who don't have any information in this field.

Brand is like a plant which requires great attentions otherwise it would fade away. Zoltrix Kish has an undeniable role in recognizing the consumer rights. Growth of it in Iran has led to establishment of large companies like Zoltrix. Various activities of this company has forced many passive elements to take advantages of the current space to cheat the consumers.

Pointing out intense efforts of Zoltrix, managing director said: 'These elements usually forget our guarantee card and even hologram so that we had to withdraw our products from the market and to preserve our brand we even had to offer more service to our consumers.'

He further said: 'We changed our package and even tried to cope with forging with offering delivery service at home. We believe in the quality.'

Of our produce and our the only company which offer 5 year guarantee for Fax modem.

CEO of Zoltrix Kish believes that at present people are more aware of original and forged goods and this awareness limits the prevailing of forged goods in the market.

Zoltrix is expected to present a new seeds in which in addition to various modems with different prices, there are also some ADSL products.

Managing director said: 'We try to be on climax and to this end, we always to test our produce before supplying them because if one of our products lack necessary quality, people would lose their trust in us.'

Referring to the week of administration in Iran, he concluded that the administration should support the active companies so that they could cope with forged products because the source of these companies is limited and facing problems would push them into crises.